Powering a clean energy future

We’re a new name in renewable energy

We’re Queensland’s new publicly-owned clean energy company, set to commence trading on 31 October, 2019.

On this date we will take ownership of our foundation assets: the Wivenhoe pumped storage hydro power station, Swanbank E gas power station, and three Far North Queensland hydro stations – Kareeya, Barron Gorge and Koombooloomba. We will also commence trading our foundation assets in the National Electricity Market on that date. 

We will own, operate and grow a portfolio of low and zero emission electricity generation assets to help Queensland achieve its 50% renewable energy target by 2030. Our generation assets will increase electricity supply and competition in the Queensland market, putting downward pressure on electricity prices.

Our operations will contribute to improved security and reliability of Queensland’s electricity supply and support new investment and jobs in the renewable energy sector in regional Queensland. 

CleanCo will deliver competitive, reliable, clean energy solutions for Queenslanders.